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  • NASBE Working Breakfast & Rap Session at MBAResearch Conclave

Event Details

NASBE Working Breakfast & Rap Session at MBAResearch Conclave

  • October 07, 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Louisville, KY

Registration is closed

7:30 Working Breakfast - Hosted by National Association of Supervisors of Business Education (includes all state program leaders and Consortium Representatives)

9:15 NASBE Rap Session

MBA Conclave Curriculum and Teaching Conference
October 4 - 7, 2019; Louisville, KY
Register here; Consortium Rep code CREP19

Conclave 2019 Business Speaker Roundup

Wondering what business speaker presentations to catch at Conclave? Here is what we have lined up so far:
Don’t miss our opening session during which Andrea Zahumensky, KFC’s Chief Marketing Officer, who will share the amazing story of KFC’s turnaround (warning: this might make you hungry). You’ll also want to hear Stacey Yates with Louisville Tourism talk about the iconic Bourbon Trail. Stacey will share some of the secret sauce used for marketing this rural and urban bourbon phenomenon (another warning: this might make you thirsty).
On the subject of icons, featured speaker Donald Lassere, will talk about an icon known worldwide—Muhammad Ali. Lassere is the President and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center and will present on the theme of Be Great: Do Great Things. He will share Muhammad Ali’s six core principles and talk about how they guide the way the museum does business.
If you’ve got money on your mind come hear Nikki Jackson, Senior Vice President and Regional Executive who heads the Louisville Branch of the St. Louis Federal Reserve. She will talk to us about how the Federal Reserve impacts the economy and about how such a large operation makes friends on a local level. Mary Jackey, with Class Act Federal Credit Union will share information about the radical ways financial institutions are changing and what techniques brick-and-mortar branches are using to stay relevant.
If you’re interested in learning how people are spending their money, be sure to catch Adam Lukoskie with the National Retail Federation. He will help us make some sense out of the changing world of retail and share what he thinks may be around the bend. Speaking of going around bends, make sure you catch Ronnie Dreistadt’s presentation on the Kentucky Derby and the impact of this amazing two-minute race on the local economy. He will also talk about sustainability in business as it relates to planning, development, and protecting a vital part of the Kentucky economy-- bluegrass.
Intellectual property is something else worth protecting, and Catherine Shen, with the International Trade Association (INTA) will do a fascinating presentation on the importance of protecting intellectual property. She will also talk about the dark world of counterfeit products. Continuing with the “protecting what we love” theme, the Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky will be with us and will be joined by an expert in the insurance industry, (who will talk about insurance/risk management trends) and a student apprentice in their nationally recognized apprenticeship programs.
Business leaders from across the country have been talking to us during futuring panels about the trend in which workers want to be a part of (or start) companies that place a high priority on cultural, social, or environmental causes. To help us learn more about this, Scott Kolums will join us to talk about social entrepreneurship, and Ben Reno-Weber will tell us about a social venture the he co-founded, called MobileServe.

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