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The executive committee is composed of the president, president‐elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer, immediate past president, newsletter editor, Webmaster, and chairmen of all committees. The parliamentarian shall serve as an exofficio, nonvoting member of the executive committee, unless the parliamentarian is a member of the association.  

The executive committee manages the affairs of the association and supervises the activities of the officers of the association.  The executive committee shall work with the president‐elect to develop and implement an annual program of work which promotes the purposes of this association, assist with the planning of a budget, authorize the disbursement of funds to support the program of work, examine and audit the accounts and records of the treasurer, and handle other such matters as have been delineated in the bylaws and/or designated by the association members at a business meeting

President Message

Dave Thomas

NASBE President
July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020     

Our National Association of Supervisors of Business Education (NASBE) organization has an extensive history of amazing membership that represents business, marketing, information technology and proudly embraces our role support career and technical education "Learning that Works for America."   NASBE has served as a vital part of my professional leadership growth as a professional in education and our executive committee of amazing officers are committed to further our strategic plan with a focus on the following goals 1) market & promote business education, 2) program improvement, 3) advocacy awareness, 4) promote membership, 5) promote leadership development/professional competency, and 6) promote student leadership and recognition of career and technical student organizations.  We have taken great efforts over the past year to expand our membership benefits, build our outreach with educational partners and explore opportunities to continue our action plan that was initiated in December 2017 during the first ever Business, Marketing and Information Technology Collaborative Summit.  Take a moment to contact one of our officers displayed below or connect with one of our members to learn more about all that NASBE can offer to local, regional, state and national leaders. 

2019-2020 NASBE Executive Committee

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