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About Us

This association is an organization of Business Education supervisors who are direct employees of a state, region, or local education agency and has as its purpose furthering the cause of Business Education and the welfare of the field and professional members in the following ways:

      • To develop and increase the effectiveness of educational opportunities in the areas of Business Education commensurate to the needs and abilities of all individuals in the American society.
      • To encourage supervision of Business Education at all levels.
      • To encourage additional services to Business Education at the national level.
      • To stimulate research in Business and Economic Education.
      • To promote and develop sound educational practices and policies in the field of Business Education.
      • To maintain close cooperation and working relationships with all career/technical education services and organizations.
      • To develop, maintain, promote, and coordinate cooperation among the states, regions, and local education agencies for Business Education through the interchange of ideas, materials, problems, and accomplishments.
      • To promote the development of a total articulate program of education for and about business.
      • To support career/technical student organizations serving Business Education programs.
      • To provide active leadership for the management of change for business.


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